Step mother

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Your Step mother is your father's second wife and your Step sister's mother.

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Between 7 and 8 the mother is in the kitchen every day. Between 8 and 12 on weekdays she is either at her classroom in the school, or working at the start up. If she is not hired at the start up, from 12 to 22 on the weekdays she can be found in random locations around the house as well as the beach, and the gym. If she was hired, from 12 to 13 she is getting lunch either in the cock and bull, or in the cafe in the current business office. From 13 to 17 she is back in her office, and from 17 to 22 she is in random locations. From 22 on all nights she is in her bedroom. On the weekends from 8 to 22 she is in random locations all day.

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