Christmas event

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1 Intro

The gifts are given at the woman’s homes. When then player interacts with one of the gift women with at least one gift having been purchased, a screen should show with three options. Each girl will have two variations of the gift scene. One for the right gift, and one for any other gift. As stated before, the wrong gift will give 6 cheer, the correct gift will give 10 cheer. For the mother and sister, the same rule applies but can occur in any room of the house.

First event:

  • Mom - Boots
  • Sister - Make up
  • Dean (Tabitha) - Leather boots
  • Tiffany - Punching bag
  • Akira and Suki - Double sided dildo
  • Erika - Puzzle box
  • Abigail and Eva - expensive wine

2 Sequel 1

The sequel event should work the following way, once the original event is completed, the player needs to wait one day. The player will also need to have met Romi. Then, the next morning the event will begin immediately upon waking up. Mrs. Claus gift and reward screen should stay the same and use the same money and Christmas cheer currencies. But she will be located in the player living room instead of the mall once the sequel content is active.


  • Alice - a lesbian experience
  • Lee - A yard stick
  • Aunt - taser
  • Hana - anime figure
  • Tammy - stripper heels