Tiffany main quest

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1 Intro

Tiffany will not be a stat driven character. And thus, while Trust and Corruption will be tracked for her, they will not be a factor until the final stages of her quest line. From 7 to 15 Monday through Friday, she is working. From 15 to 24 she is in random locations. On weekends she is in random locations all day.

2 Step 0 - Introduction scene

Requires the player to have bought the small office space for the start up. Activates a single time immediately following the purchase of the small office.

2.1 Requirements

2.2 Reward

2.3 Unlocks

  • Tiffany locations interactions

3 Step 1

Requires Tiffany trust >= 5, paid to upgrade to the regional office. Activates a single time immediately after upgrading to the regional office.

3.1 Requirements

3.2 Reward

3.3 Unlocks

Tiffany scene 1

4 Step 2

Requires step one to be completed. Tiffany trust >= 10, paid to upgrade to the national office. Activates a single time immediately after upgrading to the national office.

4.1 Requirements

4.2 Reward

4.3 Unlocks

Tiffany scene 2

5 Step 3

Requires step two be completed, Tiffany trust >= 15. Once the player gets Tiffany to trust level 15, and step two is completed, there should be an indicator of some sort for the hiring option in the main office screen. Similar to how quest notifiers with the yellow highlight work. Because this will notify the player that Tiffany will now be hire-able for the company. Her step three quest step also serves as her job interview. It activates a single time after choosing to hire her. She has no signing bonus cost, will cost 1300 a week in salary, and should have high level skills.

5.1 Requirements

5.2 Reward

5.3 Unlocks

6 Step 4

Requires stage three be completed, Tiffany trust >= 20. Tiffany is at the player’s company during general work hours 7 to 15. activates a single time when choosing to interact with Tiffany with all other requirements met.

6.1 Requirements

6.2 Reward

6.3 Unlocks

Tiffany scene 4

7 Step 5

Requires stage four be completed, Tiffany trust >= 25, Tiffany is at her home. Activates a single time when the player visits Tiffany’s home with all requirements met.

7.1 Requirements

7.2 Reward

7.3 Unlocks

Tiffany scene 5