Sister startup

From Become someone

1 Intro

The following event will feature the sister showing up to the player’s office for some fun. This event is designed be to repeatable. Meaning that basically there should be a chance it occurs every day and once a week. To elaborate, every day there should be around a 20% chance that the event occurs when the player chooses to work. But, the event should never happen more than once per week. So once it happens during the week, the chance it will happen again should be 0% until the following Monday. It also requires the player to have finished the sister’s main quest. There will be an alternate version if the player has enslaved the sister.

2 Standard version

Requires completion of sister main quest. And small office or better.

2.1 Requirements

2.2 Reward

Sex scene

2.3 Unlocks

Sis scene 27

3 Slave version

In the morning, if the sister is enslaved, the option to “Bring your slave sister to work with you.” Shall appear as an option similar to the get ready for school and get ready for work options. When selecting this option, the following scene will play during the morning work period.

3.1 Requirements

3.2 Reward

Sex scene

3.3 Unlocks

Sis scene 28