Erika main quest

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1 Intro

Erika, the Overachiever, will have a unique main quest that will be much more involved that most others. She will not only be based on trust and corruption, but she will also be based on motivation and development. The goal will be to keep Erika motivated to try hard, while the player develops her devotion to the job and himself. He will have the opportunity to raise her motivation by giving her a variety of gifts that will become available at the mall, buying her lunch during the midday period of the work day of the Start up, giving her a raise, giving her a day off, and giving her a challenge. All five of which will be options given when the player interacts with Erika during the work day. They will be detailed in a separate document, as this is simply the main quest.

She as a character that will, once hired, be in the Office, Monday through Friday, from 8 until 15, and will be in random locations all other times.

2 Step 0 - Interview

The following plays a single time when she is selected to be hired. This interview, assuming the player hires her, activates her location interactions around the city upon completion. It requires the Regional office in order to hire her.

2.1 Requirements

Regional office

2.2 Reward

2.3 Unlocks

Location interactions

3 Step 1

Requires Erika trust >= 5, Erika's development >= unmotivated. Activates a single time upon interacting with Erika at the company, with all other requirements met.

3.1 Requirements

3.2 Reward

3.3 Unlocks

Erika scene 1

4 Step 2

Requires stage one be completed, Erika trust >= 10, Erika's development >= slightly motivated. Erika is at home. Activates a single time upon entering Erika’s home with all other requirements met.

4.1 Requirements

4.2 Reward

4.3 Unlocks

Erika scene 2

5 Step 3

Requires stage two be complete, Erika trust >= 15, Erika motivation >= motivated. Activated a single time upon interacting with her at work with all other requirements met.

5.1 Requirements

5.2 Reward

5.3 Unlocks

Erika scene 3

6 Step 4

Requires stage three be complete. Erika trust >= 20. Erika motivation = inspired. Activates a single time upon interacting with Erika at the office with all other requirements met.

6.1 Requirements

6.2 Reward

6.3 Unlocks

Erika scene 4