Cousin slave quest

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1 Intro

Requires step three of Cousin main quest to be completed, Bella trust >= 20, Bella corr >= 15, aunt main quest completed, Time is between 20 and 22. activate a single time when the player goes to sleep with the cousin for the night with all other requirements met.

2 Part 1

2.1 Requirements

2.2 Reward

3 Part 2

Requires part one be completed, aunt is in the kitchen, time is before noon. Activates a single time when the player enters the kitchen with all other requirements are met.

3.1 Requirements

  • Part 1 completion
  • Aunt location is "kitchen"
  • Time is before noon (12:00)

4 Part 3

This is not as much a step as it is an intermediary requirement. The player must go to the strange shop and buy one of two things. Either a slave collar, Or an abnormally large stuffed animal. Both cost one hundred dollars ($100). The player will be required to have at least one to activate the next step in the quest. The option to select either will appear. If the player does not have the required item to choose one of the two paths, then it will say which item he is missing beside the choice that he cannot select.

5 Part 4

Requires part two be completed, the player has bought at least one of the following; slave collar, Abnormally large stuffed animal. Bella is in her room. Activates a single time upon entering the room when all other requirements are met. There are 2 different versions depending on what you decide to give her.

5.1 Requirements

  • Part 2 completion
  • Have at least one Slave collar
  • Cousin location is "her bedroom"

5.2 Reward

5.3 Unlocks

Cousin scene 5