Cock and bull salary

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1 Intro

Your salary at the Cock and bull will be influenced by 4 elements. This is at the moment still the best way to earn money quite fast.

2 Formula

$salary = (7 + (($abigail.interest + $*2) + ($restaurant.status * 2)) * $

At the beginning of the game, the $ multiplier value will be 1, after your first meeting with Abigail her Interest towards you will be 1 and as a worker your status will be set to 1. Making it so the first time you work at the cock and bull you should receive a salary of 11$*. While progressing through Abigail main quest you will start to see an increase of your salary. The restaurant status variable.

"* (7 + ((1 + 0) * 2) + (1 * 2))*1

3 Explanation of each element

To increase Abigail statistics refer to her page.

The restaurant status value will be 1 if you just work there, but will be 2 if you work there as a Manager (you need to complete Abigail main quest to work as a Manager.

The Degree is one of the two goals of the University Path. Depending of your degree the multiplie value will varies:

  • Base value: 1
  • Associates: 2
  • Bachelors: 3
  • Masters: 4
  • Doctorate: 5