Alice main quest

From Become someone

1 Intro

Once the player has encountered Alice in the Bathroom and uses the glory hole, Alice begin to appear in the Japanese classes on Thursdays. The player will have the option to interact with Alice each Thursday in Class by selecting the option “Screw around with Alice”. Player must reach Alice trust >= 10 to advance to fucking her in the Bathroom to advance her quest.

2 Step 0

Enter the toilets when Alice is there

2.1 Unlocks

Alice scene 1

3 Step 1

3.1 Requirements

  • You should already have entered the glory hole once
  • Alice trust >= 10

3.2 Reward

3.3 Unlocks

4 Step 2

Send a message to Alice using SexApp

4.1 Requirements

  • Completion of step 1
  • Time is between 5pm and 10pm

4.2 Reward

5 Step 3

Go to Alice's house

5.1 Requirements

Completion of step 2

5.2 Unlocks