Abigail startup event

From Become someone

1 Versions of the event

The following event will have three different versions. One if the player hasn’t been to the Cock and Bull yet, one if the player is an employee at the cock and bull, and a final one for if the player is the manager at the cock and bull.

1.1 Haven't met version

This is the version of the event for if the player has never been to the cock and bull and hasn’t gotten the job there yet.

1.2 Has met Abigail (not manager)

The following version plays if the player knows Abigail. The player will be flashed.

1.3 Is manager of the Cock and bull

The following version plays if the player knows Abigail. A sex scene at the end will play.

2 Requirements

3 Condition to activate

The event requires the player to have the national office. And activates a single time upon Choosing to work in the afternoon period. With a 5% chance originally that builds up with each period worked where the event does not activate.

4 Bonus

This event will also lead to a one time unique work order, that should have its profits be exponentially greater based on the interest stat of Abigail. If Abigail. is at 25 interest or higher, it should be the most profitable work order that the player can complete. But the work needed should only be in the medium range, regardless of the pay.